Slim’s Chance Baseball Clinics

Slim’s Chance offer 2 clinics each year, one in the Summer and one in the Winter.

We limit the headcount at each clinic to ensure kids get proper ONE ON ONE instruction. This clinic is NOT a mass training where 75 or more kids learn from 2-3 coaches. We strive to keep a 5:1 kids to coach ratio. We will cover almost every important aspect that youth baseball players should come to know.

In addition to learning about the great game of baseball, we instill LIFE lessons and teach to prepare our youth for growing into productive and resourceful adults!!!

Some of the skills we cover include:

Fielding: Infield, outfield, position specific
Catching skills / technique
Pitching skills / technique
Hitting: stance, detailed breakdown of their swing, bunting Base Running
Lots and lots of BASEBALL Knowledge

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